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Bathing equipment for long-term care facilities

For elderly individuals, the bathroom can often pose significant safety concerns, especially when it comes to showering. While younger individuals may take the ease of hopping into a shower for granted, seniors often face challenges like slippery surfaces and high thresholds that can increase the risk of falls. With the rising popularity of walk-in showers in the world of home design and the increasing demand for shower remodel options, there’s a growing emphasis on creating safe yet stylish walk-in showers for elderly individuals. Let’s delve into some of these concepts and how they seamlessly merge safety with design.

Non Slip Surfaces Are A Must

One of the most significant hazards in any bathroom, especially for seniors, is the risk of slipping. Traditional tiles, while visually appealing, can often become slippery when wet. However, the market now offers a plethora of non-slip tiles that don’t compromise on aesthetics. These tiles, made with slightly textured surfaces, reduce the risk of slips while maintaining the elegance of the shower space. Investing in such tiles ensures that seniors can move with more confidence in their walk in shower.

Strategically Placed Grab Bars

While grab bars are a staple in many senior friendly bathrooms, there’s no reason they cant be stylish. Modern bathroom design recognizes the importance of these safety features and now offers grab bars in various designs and finishes to match any decor. Rather than the cold, industrial look of old, today’s grab bars can be sleek, modern, or even ornate. By strategically placing these bars around the shower, you can provide seniors with sturdy supports while ensuring they blend seamlessly with the overall design of the bathroom.

Integrated Seating Solutions

Standing for prolonged periods can be challenging for seniors, making integrated seating an essential feature in their walk in showers. Seats can be built directly into the showers design, providing a comfortable and safe place for seniors to rest while showering. Modern designs allow these seats to fold up when not in use, ensuring they don’t take up unnecessary space. Whether you opt for a simple bench or a more intricate design, the addition of seating can be both a functional and stylish choice during a shower remodel.

Easy to Use Fixtures and Controls

Fiddly knobs and hard to turn fixtures can be a challenge for elderly individuals, especially those with arthritis or other mobility issues. Integrating ergonomic fixtures and controls into the shower design can make the showering experience much more pleasant for seniors. Lever handles, push button controls, and thermostatic mixers that maintain a constant temperature can all make a significant difference. While this might seem like a small detail, ensuring that controls are easily accessible and straightforward to use can greatly enhance the safety and usability of the shower space.

The bathroom is a place of rejuvenation and relaxation. However, for elderly individuals, it can also be a space fraught with potential hazards. By incorporating these walkin shower ideas for elderly into your design, you can ensure that the bathroom remains a safe and enjoyable space for all users. Whether you’re planning a complete bathroom overhaul or a simple shower remodel, keeping the needs of elderly family members in mind can help create a space that is both functional and beautifully designed.

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